Sahatoimintaa jo vuodesta 1906

akonkosken saha oy


AKOS buys annually some 60 000 m3 of logs, this is the responsibility of the Forestry Department, which is managed by Mr. Harri Kleimola. 

Logs are acquired mainly from the forest downers in nearby region, about 80 % of forest is bought standing, this way AKOS can influence the size, length and quality of the logs and is able to meet the customers timber specification already in the forest.

Logs are acquired according to the regulations accepted by the forestry industry and forest downers. Good relationship and close co-operation with local forestry societies and landowners secure the availability of raw material at all times. Measurement of logs are done in the forest by the harvesters and those logs delivered by forest owners, are measured at the mill, in the modern log sorting machine, which has certificate from the Ministry of Forestry.

The quality production of AKOS is reflected in its right to use the PEFC Certification (Technical Documentation Annex 4) label on its products, this standard guarantees that the customers know always the origins of the sawn timber.