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Akonkoski Sawmill Ltd, (AKOS), was established in 1906 at Töysä, municipality of Töysä is located in the Southern Ostrobothnia province in central Finland. AKOS has operated throughout its history under the ownership of the same family, it therefore benefits from over 100 years of experience and tradition in the processing of finest Finnish wood. AKOS is known as a reliable and flexible business partner in timber export markets.


AKOS concentrates currently in cutting redwood , production is annually about 30 000 m3, which is also sawmill’s kiln drying capacity. Company invests consistently in sawmill’s machinery to maintain high level of efficiency and quality. The Forestry Department of AKOS buys annually approximately 60 000 m3 of logs from the landowners of nearby region, company operates also as a log trader,- roughly 35 000 m3 is sold yearly to other sawmills and integrated forest industry. AKOS has operated on the same site since the company was founded, it has currently 22 employees.Central location and the excellent transport connections are among the key strengths of AKOS.


AKOS buys annually some 60 000 m3 of logs, this is the responsibility of the Forestry Department, which is managed by Mr. Harri Kleimola. Logs are acquired mainly from the forest downers in nearby region, about 80 % of forest is bought standing, this way AKOS can influence the size, length and quality of the logs and is able to meet the customers timber specification already in the forest. Logs are acquired according to the regulations accepted by the forestry industry and forest downers. Good relationship and close co-operation with local forestry societies and landowners secure the availability of raw material at all times. Measurement of logs are done in the forest by the harvesters and those logs delivered by forest owners, are measured at the mill, in the modern log sorting machine, which has certificate from the Ministry of Forestry.

The quality production of AKOS is reflected in its right to use the PEFC Certification (Technical Documentation Annex 4) label on its products, this standard guarantees that the customers know always the origins of the sawn timber.


AKOS produces sawn timber for both domestic and export markets, timber products are known for their high quality in Europe and other markets. AKOS is not tied to standard sizes or grades, because of flexible manufacturing system , thickness, width, length can be produced as per customers specification. Drying of timber The modern kiln drying and storage facilities of AKOS enable drying of the sawn timber to the required moisture content according to customer’s needs. Shipping marks.

Shipping marks.



AKOS sells sawn products for both domestic and export customers, domestic market sales cover about 20-50 % and about 50-80 % is sold to export markets, mainly to importing wholesale companies and also to end users. The most important export countries include: Great Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland and Spain. SawMill Manager Mr. Ari Mäenpää is responsible for both domestic and international sales AKOS timber.


Phone: +358 207738585

Mrs. Soile Oksa, administration manager
Phone: +358 207738585

Mr. Ari Mäenpää, Saw Mill Manager
Mobile: +358 503703555

Mr. Pekka Koivumäki, Foreman
Mobile: +358 503703552

Mr. Juha Kuivikko, Manager of Forestry Department
Phone: +358 400267116